On Site Feng Shui Consultations

For clients in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, Tess provides on site feng shui consultations for homes and businesses. Each consultation includes a detailed written report and follow up phone and email support for up to one month. To view frequently asked questions, please click here. To receive more information and a price quote, please click here.

Phone Feng Shui or Intuitive Counseling Consultations

For clients anywhere in the continental US, phone consultations with Tess are available for $95 per half hour/$180 per hour. If you’d like to provide a simple floor plan drawing of your home or business, this can be a feng shui consultation. Additionally, Tess provides general intuitive counseling sessions. Once the consultation is scheduled, payment is rendered via PayPal or a mailed check.

To schedule via email, please click here.

Space Clearing

For clients in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, Tess provides thorough space clearings for interior spaces. This includes a comprehensive scan of what energetic challenges are currently present, and a custom-tailored clearing session to establish sparkling clear and purely positive energy within.

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The Chinese translation of Magical Housekeeping

“If you want to your home or office to flow and create a healing, prosperous energy, Tess will with ease and affordably guide you to it. No matter what happens in my busy life, my home always feels like a sanctuary thanks to Tess's eye in how things can magically be placed to ensure high vibrancy!”

-Karynne Boese, Life Coach